ELTea Autor Academy

*                    Why the  ELT Author Academy ??

 Quite simply it’s what you have requested – out there are a lot of very creative teachers who have come to us for professional advice on how to design top quality ELT materials that could get published.

There is a growing demand on the market for resourceful materials’ writers, expert ELT bloggers
or article authors.




        *                    Why you ??

You are established enough in your teaching to be ready for a new challenge, opportunity 
and professional advancement. Aren’t you?! If so, we do hope you will send off your application today and join this smallexclusive group of passionate, committed, success-oriented professionals who want to make it in the world of EFL publishing


*                    Why us ??

Designing novel projects for the Polish ELT community has been DOS-ELTea trademark since its very beginning as the  first independent teacher development centre in Poland, back in 2003.

DOS-ELTea founders, Marta Rosińska and Grzegorz Śpiewak, are among the  most respected teacher trainers in the country and well-established ELT authors, with many articles
and coursebook titles to their names.

Over the years we have established a significant reputation for consistently delivering top professional quality, through  an unparalleled network of Polish and international star experts
who have graced our events for over a decade.

ELT Author Academy will certainly be no exception in this regard.
We are thrilled to be able to announce a truly exceptional line-up of experts