Teacher Level Master

are proud to announce the truly unmissable teacher training event
of 2017 for devoted and caring 21st century language teachers




High Impact Teaching : the why, what and how

15 amazing hands-on workshops

& 2 thought-provoking plenary sessions

in one super-intensive day!


Warsaw, Sunday 22nd of October 2017

& full on-line streaming


Marta Rosińska

Grzegorz Śpiewak

Monika Cichmińska

Tim Gifford Ola Dykta  

Łukasz Knap  Magdalena Kania

Aniela Tekiela Katarzyna Adwent

Milena Jastrzębska Halina Tyliba

Małgorzata Porębska Michał Zboś

Izabela Michalak Anna Dobrowolska

Agnieszka Anioła Agnieszka Magoń

How to …

*      engage your learners

*      boost learner confidence

*      select on-line tools effectively

*      build in elements of gamification

*      develop soft skills through language

*      foster collaboration in pairs and groups

*      activate their left- and right hemispheres

*      support their reading with on-line tools

*      and get them to write successfully

*      use translation effectively

*      build rapport

*      improvise


come to learn how to reach level master in YOUR teaching:

*                engage rather than occupy your learners

*                teach effectively and purposefully

*                make your lessons worth coming to

*                become an impactful educator



Numbers limited by workshop room size:

no mercy – first come first served –

act today to secure your place!