Teacher Trainer Academy 2014/2015

Why the Teacher Trainer Academy ??

Quite simply because there is an obvious need and demand for it on a market as mature as Poland, with more and more opportunities and few qualified professionals to take advantage of them. Prospective employers include international publishers, professional organisations, as well as educational institutions of various scope and size, regional and national. There are also emergent job opportunities in central and eastern Europe - all ready and waiting!

Why us ??

Quite simply because launching novel projects for the Polish ELT community has been DOS-ELTea trademark since its very beginning as the first independent teacher development centre in Poland, back in 2003. DOS-ELTea coordinators, Marta Rosińska-Trim and Grzegorz Śpiewak are among the most respected teacher trainers in the country, regularly topping best-presenter rankings at major conferences. Over the years we have established a significant reputation for consistently delivering top professional quality, through an unparalleled network of international star experts who have graced our main conferences for over a decade.

Teacher Training Academy 2014 will certainly be no exception in this regard. We are thrilled to be able to announce a truly exceptional line-up of world experts, incl. Catherine Walter (Oxford University), Scott Thornbury (The NewSchool, New York), Gavin Dudeney (Consultants-E), Philip Kerr and Andrew Walkley (University of Westminster), as well as the fantastic Polish colleagues: dr Marzena Żylińska, Monika Cichmińska, Agnieszka Szeżyńska and Tomasz Siuta.

Why you ??

Quite simply because you are established enough in your teaching to be ready for a new challenge, opportunity and professional advancement. Aren’t you?! If so, we do hope you will rush your application today and join this small, exclusive group of passionate, committed, success-oriented ELT professionals!