AUTUMN ELTea – The Lexical Teacher

Welcome to our next edition of


We hope you have had a great summer and now feel hungry for a fresh helping of DOS ELTea teacher training. To greet the new school year properly, we have prepared a real feast and the head chef is Andrew Walkley. In his three thought-provoking and practical sessions he will:

  • update your knowledge of new trends in teaching lexis
  • inspire you to become successful lexical teachers
  • demonstrate novel activities to teach contextualized vocabulary  

All the details: timetable, session descriptions, trainer bio and joining instructions just a click away. In case you need any more info or help, we are always happy to assist. Simply send us an e-mail message or ring our conference helpline. 
Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of our excellent academic menu, to learn from the best in our profession, and to become a truly lexical teacher!

Registration open, act today!

We do hope to see you soon, in Cracow on Saturday Sept 27th or in Warsaw on Sunday Sept 28th.

Registration open, act today!